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Exploring the world of coastal conservation & communities, meaningful travel, and life along the way | | PhD in marine conservation
Looking through a window at a ramshackle dock and the sea with small outrigger fishing boats and big bamboo fishing structures scattered around
View from the ground floor of the Malampaya Sound Protected Area Office — including its very run-down dock — in 2011.

Two young researchers holding binoculars and sitting in the bow of a boat, scanning the sea for dolphins and porpoises

Two intrepid researchers walking through a small fishing village, with thatch huts and wooden fencing, in a torrential downpour.
Accepting the soggy reality of southeastern Myanmar’s rainy season, equipping ourselves appropriately with raingear, and forging on with what we need to do. Is this a forced analogy to conservation realism? Perhaps. (photo: Wint Hte)

A group of people sit on a small porch overlooking a beach. One young researcher is interviewing two fishers, with another student looking on.

Two groups of villagers sit in the ground in circles, sharing ideas with a team of local researchers in Myanmar

Apparently, I took very few photos while in Jakarta, and those that I did take were with a tiny smartphone. Here’s my first tempeh experiece — revelatory.

TS Whitty

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